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Learn how to use  NLP techniques in coaching with Pedja Jovanovic

• More than 5 hours of video and 50 pages of written material.

Who is this program for?

- If you are/or want to be a coach this is right course for you! -

This program is designed for professional coaches and NLP practitioners with positive learning attitudes, who are seeking to expand their portfolio of coaching techniques in order to support their clients in most effective way.



You will learn how to use this NLP techniques

- You will learn 10 NLP Coaching tehniques -

You value professional development. You know that being professional coach   means life long learning and you are looking for video and written material that contains skillfully explained most effective NLP techniques so that you can use it to support your clients in the best possible way.


You want to make a positive difference to your client through powerful processes that are tested and prove in practice of professional coaches around the world.


You are a current or potential NLP Practitioner. You enjoy applying NLP in your own life or support others to overcome life barriers get the life they want. Your greatest joy is personal development and you want to maximise your NLP skills so that your development continues even after you finish NLP training.


Or perhaps, you would like to have lifetime access to video and written description of the most effective NLP techniques so that you can learn and practice any time, any where?



The purpose of this technique is to revive the values, strategies, capabilities and affirmative beliefs and anchor them through identity.

New Behavior Generator

This is NLP technique is perfect to use when you want to support your client to change habit, to improve old or to integrate new behavior in specific context.

The Circle  Of Excellence

This is most effective anchoring technique. It is perfect for deliberately getting into desired mental or emotional state in situation when the state is really needed.

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Six Steps



Goal Setting

This is NLP technique developed by Robert Dilts. It separates out three vital roles in project planning – dreamer, realist, and critic and helps client to come out with tangible action plan.

This is perfect technique

to support your client to overcome limiting belief or change the habit.

...And more.

This powerful technique will help your clients to connect their goal with long-term vision and integrate resources for overcoming potential obstacles.

Meet our instructor Pedja

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Pedja Jovanovic is NLP Master Trainer (with the right to certify on behalf of the International Association of NLP Institutes IN-NLP, Germany) and Fellow Member Trainer (with the right to certify on behalf of the International NLP association – IA NLP, Switzerland).


As professional trainer and coach Pedja Jovanovic has more than 1.000 training days of training and more than 1.000 hours of individual coaching in field of professional and personal development mostly with managers, high potentials and executives around the world.


As Senior Partner in Atria Group, international consultant company, he had the opportunity to conduct several large leadership development projects, as well as a number of different training and coaching programs.


Besides the highest accreditations in NLP world, Pedja Jovanovic is:

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